Clean & Dry Program

Clean and Dry

Carpet Care Program


Many companies retain a random approach to carpet maintenance which allows the carpet to rapidly deteriorate to an unacceptable level.

The Clean & Dry Carpet Program
is an ongoing process that prolongs the
aesthetic life of your carpet and achieves
a uniform level of appearance over a
longer period of time.

The Clean & Dry Carpet Program takes into account traffic flow patterns and high profile areas, including:

Track Off - any area where the carpet meets exterior traffic. e.g. building entrances, reception areas etc..

Funnel - an area where floor traffic is squeezed through a small area such as doorways, retail isles, elevators etc..

Main Traffic - all corridors and main walkways throughout a store or building.

Common Areas - sales counters, lunchrooms, service desks, rest rooms, etc..

      What Clean & Dry Carpet will do for you!

Improve the whole appearance of your store or office space,

Reduce carpet maintenance cost, time and materials;

Eliminate premature replacement of expensive carpets,

Extend carpet life considerably.

Call if you have any questions or you would be interested in a free demonstration. Seeing is Believing!

          (Available to building service and janitorial clients only)