Janitorial Services
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Green Cleaning - Utilizing guidelines established in Green Seal

(GS-42), adopting building specific green cleaning plans, procedures, communications, cleaning chemical monitoring, green seal approved equipment and maintenance procedures as well as green seal approved products.

Vacuuming - Performed as a separate task in addition to routine daily vacuuming. Crevice vacuuming of all wall & furniture interfaces with flooring, especially; door jambs, behind desk returns, under desks, under ledges, wall to ceiling corners for spider webs, janitorial closets, sliding cabinet door rails and under certain walk-off barrier mats.

Tile & Grout Restoration - Machine scrubbing of grouted tile flooring through facilities. Application of tile & grout sealers recommended. Maintenance and or renovation services provided.

Burnishing - High speed buffing with either electrical or propane burnisher. Utilized on all VCT flooring, some linoleum and terrazzo floors. Rejuvenator solution mopped onto floor and allowed to dry prior to burnishing

Autoscrubbing – Walk-behind or ride on self-contained floor cleaning machine that applies several types of water based cleaning solutions, scrubs most hard flooring with either rotation cleaning pads or revolving brushes and picks-up soiled solution with an attached squeegee and on-board vacuum.
Utilized on large floor surfaces in warehouse to retail settings.

Stripping and Waxing - VCT and other non-wood surface refinishing. Process can take upwards of two days to complete. Equipment utilized dependent upon size of floor. On large floors; Automated fluid dispensers, 30-36” propane stripping machines, autoscrubbers, automated finish dispensers and air movers. Large floors are our specialty. On smaller floors: appropriate size buffers and labor.

Top Coating - VCT and other non-wood surface enhancements to the finish. Process is completed usually in half the time of stripping and equipment requirements are equally dependent upon size of the floor. Original finish is heavily “cleaned” with strong “neutral” floor cleaners that greatly loosen built up soils, softens tough scuffs and allows for mechanical scrubbing to remove deeper marks in existing finish. Once dry, the floor is burnished to restore an even shine and then, 1-3 layers of new wax or finish are applied. The floor is then burnished again in 24-48 hours to reduce any imperfection in the finish and to provide a brilliant shine (if applicable).

Carpet Cleaning - Complete carpet cleaning services to fit your needs and budget. Spot cleaning, customized maintenance care or once a year servicing. MHC provides complete choice and quality service. Dry Extraction, Low Moisture, Bonnett and Wet Extraction are all available depending upon carpet type, soiling severity and frequency of cleaning. Ask for which methods is best for your facility.

Pressure Washing - Exterior walkways, soiled walls, trucking fleets. Including high traffic paths such as; entry points, hallways, queuing funnel areas, lunchrooms and other frequently soiled areas specific to your facilities

Post construction services available